FAQ:  What to expect on your photoshoot & how to prepare


What do I wear?

Stay away from colors that match or your skin tone.  If you have fair skin, stay away from lighter colors as well. Choose shirts that fit you in a flattering way and are free of wrinkles. Avoid crazy patterns and anything with a logo or writing.  Pants can be anything if it is a headshot session.  Modeling sessions should consult with me first.  Black is fine and makes a great second option.  Bring a few shirts if you aren't sure!

PLEASE NO HEELS FOR HEADSHOT SESSIONS…I am short so I need you to be in flats :)

How about hair & makeup?

Makeup should be a little bit heavier to cover any blemishes and give yourself some color.  Blush and mascara are especially important...even if you don't wear a lot of makeup.  Overall, it should look natural for a headshot session.  Modeling session you can go a bit bolder.  Hair should look like you but maybe a bit more volume.  Bring some hairspray to tame any fly aways.  This is not a good time to try out a new look!  Don't want to do it yourself?  Get it done by my talented stylist/make up artist for $150 for both hair and makeup. 

I have no idea how to pose! What do I do?

Don't worry!  Relax and have fun!  I will guide you every step of the way.

I hate how I look in photos!  How will I know if I will like them?

I make sure to show you our shots frequently from the back of the camera.  We will try out different smiles, different posing and positioning that best flatter your face and body type.  If you have anything you are self-conscious of...please vocalize that from the beginning.  Don't like your smile?  We can take a few that hide teeth!  I always like to do different smiles...you may be surprised how much you like your smile after working with me!

What form of payments do you accept and when do I pay?

Full payment is due on the day of the shoot.  Weddings are on a payment schedule that starts at the time of booking.  I accept cash, checks made out to: Lori Colacito or you can Venmo or PayPal (subjected to $3 service fee).  All extras can be paid at the time of ordering (additional images, prints etc)

I don't like how my hair and makeup came out in the photos...can we do a reshoot?

Unfortunately all reshoots are treated like a new photo session and are not available as a part of your original fee.  Special circumstances may happen and we can always discuss options to make you happy!  To avoid having to pay for an additional shoot...please be sure you like the way you look before you arrive at the session.  

What happens after the shoot?  How do I get my photos?

A few days (up to a week) after your shoot, you will receive an email with a gallery link to all of your proofs.  You will then review and select your favorite images.  These photos have NOT been touched up or edited in any way.  After you select your images (by hitting the "heart" on the image or by emailing me the number images) I will then touch up the image(s).  You will receive the touched up images via email and/or dropbox.  I will also send you a new gallery link so you can order prints directly from the site with the edited images.   If you want a thumb drive sent to you, it is an additional $15.

I paid for Act One but there are so many more I like!  Can I get more?

Yes!  Each additional image is $30.  

How long do you save my proofs?

Proofs are available to view for a year after your shoot.

I LOVE my photos, can I post them on social media?

Please do!  The only ones you can share are the images you purchased.  All others marked "PROOF" are not available for you to share.  When sharing on FB or IG please tag Stagedoor Photography (see below for links). 

Will my photos be sold or used in any other way by Stagedoor?

I will NEVER sell your image unless I consult with you first!  I do however, retain the right to post on social media with my watermark to advertise my business and/or display images on my webpage.  If you DO NOT want your image shared, please let me know via email ASAP. [email protected]

What if I have to reschedule?  

Things happen and sometimes you have a conflict!  If you have to reschedule your shoot, I will ask for a deposit to hold another date.  If for some reason you need to reschedule a second time, full payment will be due to schedule again.  If you cancel the shoot all together, after rescheduling twice, there will be a $35 fee.  *Any discount sessions (monthly specials) may not be honored after the first reschedule.          


INFO about kids headshot sessions!


See the "what do I wear" for general rules.  However, do not dress a child in black...it makes them look too old.  Makeup should be light with focusing on blush and a tiny bit of mascara for girls.  Bright, fun colors are always great look for kids.  Girls should bring a ponytail holder to put their hair up for a few looks.  


Kids 12 and under should have a parent there during the shoot

13-17 - Up to you and your child!  You can stick near by or drop them off!  I have all my child abuse clearances and can send them to you before the shoot.  Teens tend to do better when the parent isn't standing over my shoulder :) Definitely ask you child what they would be more comfortable with.  If you do choose to stay...please avoid making comments or trying to tell them how to smile or pose.  Leave that to me :).